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IP Registry

Do you need IP addresses or AS numbers? Read on.


You can apply for IP addresses from our own allocations. All our addresses are PI addresses (Provider Independent) that can be used regardless of the Internet service provider (ISP) you are using. We delegate only / 24's ("C-net") per application, several /24 if larger blocks are needed. A C-net network allows for 254 useful host addresses

We have vacant C networks!

How to obtain the IP addresses. Here you can download the application form and documentation on how to complete the application. Application form.

We handle all reverse DNS for prefix delegated to you out of our address spaces.

We ensure that your operators can create route objects in the RIPE database. We update all your route object when you ask us to change them. We implement a working chain of abuse contacts for the delegated resources.


IPv6 provides enough addresses for the Internet to continue to expand and the industry to innovate. However, it is not directly compatible with IPv4, which means that a device connected via IPv4 can not communicate directly with a device connected using IPv6. Note you have to go through a LIR (Local Internet Registry) to apply for IPv6 addresses. We can act as LIR for you. Read more about Sponsoring LIR and LIR Outsourced

Net size, Minimum for IPv6 for is / 48's ("Network") per application.

Application form.

Autonomous Systems

An autonomous system (AS) is used to exchange routing information on the Internet. Every AS is a collection of IP-networks administered by one or more network operator and has a defined policy for external routing. External routing protocol is used to exchange routinginformation between different AS'es.

Ever AS is a unique number, This number is used both to exchange external routing information and to identify an ISP for example.

Here you can fetch the AS request form.