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IP Registry

Here is a check list of what you need in order to make a complete application for IP addresses or autonomous systems.

  • LIR - End user agreement (only for IPv6 and AS numbers. For IPv4 we will send you a separate agreement.)
  • Certificate, registration papers, or equivalent document proving your company identity. (For individuals, a photocopy of valid ID).

  • Billing address - including references, PO numbers etc.
  • Administrative contact
  • Technichal contact (can be the same as above):
    • Name (First name Last name)
    • Postal address
    • E-mail
    • Phone
    • (Fax)
  • E-mail (non personal)
  • Abuse-address (e-mail)
  • A completed application form: IPv4, IPv6, AS.

Please submit name servers fr reverse DNS and maintainer for route objects if known.

Contracts and certificates shall be PDF files. The application form a plain text file. Complete the form as well as you can and we will help you from there.

Send everything by e-mail to