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Why network services such as Net Monitoring, Mulithoming, Open routers Resilans? Why buy a registry service and tune your entire WAN with Resilans?

Why Resilans?

We run our services every day and we know the marketplace: We are working with over six hundred serviceproviders operating in the world. We can help you choose the right strategy for your network solution.

We do the footwork so you can focus on other tasks.

About us

The organizational unit that became known as KTH Network Operation Centre was created in 1988. You could say that the Internet in Sweden were born here. Resilans was formed in 2007 as a spin-off companies, today we still consists mainly of people who worked together at KTHNOC.

Here you can read more about the history of how the company Resilans was born.

Here you can see examples of some of our over six hundred clients.