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Our speciality and expertise is in advanced network services.


Registry is a collective name for services related to Internet addressing. Services included in our registry services are: LIR, LIR Sponsoring, Outsourced LIR, Autonomous Systems, IPv4 addresses, IPv6 addresses, Provider Independent addresses, IPv6 implementation. We can, and will gladly help you with multihoming.

Add-on Services

As an add-on to till registryservices we can offer several other services such as help with multihoming and abuse surveillance.

Advanced Router Functionality and Integrated Router Services

Network Routers can now perform many more functions than before. More and more companies discover the advantage of adding advanced router functionality. Increased productivity, reduced capital outlay, lower operating costs are common advantages from installation of network routers that integrate services. We are in discussions with interested companies who want to run fiber-fed uncompressed HD video to the homesteads (hembygdsgårdar) to show both opera film with very high quality.

In collaboration with partners we deliver integrated router services for filtering at operator level. We deliver software, make hardware configuration and hardware monitoring of operator installations worldwide. The routingfunctionality as a modern router can perform is becoming increasing more advanced. In collaboration with Resilans Networks, we now introduce Open Source Router.