Services DNS


Resilans has a stable infrastructure for DNS, we offer our customers primary and/or secondary nameservers as required.

DNS is a natural part of the registry services. For every block of delegated addresspace we will delegate the reverse DNS zone to the nameservers of your choice. This is part of the basic service we offer for the IP-registry. You can can manage without reverse DNS but it is not recommended, it will usually be required for some services on the Internet.

Customers without access to their own nameservers can choose to use Resilans extended DNS services, either as primary and/or secondary nameserver. We recommend to use atleast 2 nameservers.

To lower the possibility to different forms of abuse and attacks towards the DNS you can sign the zones with DNSSEC, We will not charge extra for this service.

The billing will be per zone with a "reasonable" amount of updates per year, see pricelist.