Services LIR


In some cases, companies that have registered as LIR:s at the RIPE NCC, have found the administration difficult to manage and motivate, and therefore turned to Resilans for help.


Local Internet Registry (LIR) is a term used to describe members of the RIPE NCC. They called LIRs as they are responsible for distribution of the address space and the registration of the address space On a local level. LIRs must also ensure that RIPE NCC's policies and procedures are followed at the local level. Organizations that become LIR are mainly Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that assign and distribute address space to their customers, telecom companies, as well as academic institutions.

Sponsoring LIR

All independent delegations (PI addresses and AS) now need to have what RIPE call a sponsoring LIR. If you have the resources delegated directly from RIPE Resilans can be the sponsoring LIR for them. Each LIR can be described as a "sponsoring LIR-" if there is an intermediary between end users and the RIPE NCC. As a sponsoring LIR Resilans AB prepares an end user agreement with the customer (end user) and can request resources from the RIPE NCC on your behalf.

Resilans as sponsoring LIR is responsible for keeping the registration information updated. This includes helping you as an end user to update your data if needed, for example if new connections need to be added or changed, or if your routing policy is changing. It also means to inform the RIPE NCC if assignments no longer is needed, modification of agreements or mission otherwise ceases.

Outsourced LIR

The service Resilans Outsourced LIR takes care of all the administrative tasks associated with your delegation.

We act as your representative in relation to the RIPE NCC and performs all services as a delegatation to the LIR requires. You retain your LIR registration but you buy outsourced administration from us.

If for any reason you are registered as an LIR but want to avoid the cost of keeping the staff and expertise to manage the administration, please contact us.