It is history

The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH was an early participant in the development of internet in Sweden. An organization for network management and development of the Swedish NREN, Sunet was created in 1988. The name of the organization was SUNET-gruppen which was changed to KTHNOC some years later. The deployment and development of internet technology demanded great creativity and pioneering which resulted in a tightly knit and efficient organization.

When internet grew, much of the expertise at KTHNOC was scattered among other organizational units at KTH. But some of us at KTHNOC decided to continue our work toghether in the old spirit and start a new company, Resilans AB.

Resilans AB was founded in 2007, and the majority of us are still old KTHNOC hands. Some of our services where also inherited from KTHNOC.

The story of tvättstuga

More on history and what happend then.

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Exnocers Facebook group

For those previously employed at the Network Operations Centre of the Royal Institute of Technlolgy, KTHNOC.

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