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Resilans has been using in-house built routers since the company was founded. Resilans staff has extensive experience and knowledge of routing on commodity hardware. Resilans routers are a part of network solutions for several customers in and outside Sweden.


Resilans routers have been developed in collaboration with Uppsala University and the Royal Institute of Technology.

The routers are manufactured by our subsidiary Resilans Networks AB

The routers handle dynamic routing with BGP, OSPF, etc. for both IPv4 and IPv6, and can handle a large number of peer entries and big routing tables. The routers,depending on the selected hardware, have a separate manager interfaces for ssh logins as well as out-of-band reachability . The routers support remote authentication as a supplement to local users. Monitoring can be done via SNMP and syslog.

Custom Solutions

Often the product comes first and the you are searching for a market, but sometimes it is better to base the product on the market needs.

Resilans offer the opportunity to develop unique solutions based on customer needs and wishes, and together with the customer develop new products.